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  1. I was contacted by one “Craig Ferdinand”. Introduced himself as a lawyer with “Broome Solictiors”. Stated he was useing a private mailbox for personal and safety reasons. .
    My relative left me 8.5 million pounds sterling. Does anyone know how they target their marks? Has any one of these con artists been caught?

  2. Some scammers hijack existing e-mail accounts and use them for scam purposes.

    The latest anti-scam news is that FBI Rewards EFCC Operatives Over Arrest Of Nigerian Fraudsters

  3. This scam is posted frequently on Craigslist you will see many of these ads and they look legit they will say things such as we are looking for Customer Service Operators. This is supposedly an online work at home job but all of it is a lie. All they want is someone to post their ads and free labor. Here is how to tell the scheme.

    You will be interviewed by a man with very bad broken English and the common sense of a potato. If you sadly pass this interview he asks if you would post an ad for him and that’s the start.He will tell you that he will give you a check to pay for the imaginary modem and a i phone that his company best computers usa will provide for you in order to work for him.

    Getting to my point when he sends the check its a piece of crap and occurs a chargeback which will cost you money on your end. The chargeback was signed on their end.Overall instead of promising a job all these people did was cost me money.

    Lastly here is how to spot this scam when you answer their Craigslist ad you will receive a reply from [email protected]. The email will ask you to download yahoo messenger and to add a clown called [email protected]. Don’t waste your time they are up to no good and they have no job for you.They just want free labor so shut these evil lying clowns down .don’t help them get free labor and don’t let them waste your time and money.

  4. I have received BY MAIL, a $2.44 check as a refund from an account that I do not have at GE CAPITAL RETAIL BANK.

    The message reads: ” We have received notification of your request for a credit balance refund on your credit card account 03######## and it gives the rest of numbers. We are happy to fulfill your request.and have enclosed a check. This is a provisional credit. If further inquiry finds you did not have a valid credit balance, your account will then be debited. If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact us at 1-866 396 8254.
    I have nto called them as I have never had an account with them.

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