Computer Repair Scams

With the advancement of technology, the number of scammers and fraudulent business dealers has shown a proportionate increase. Scammers are devising new ways each day to rip off unsuspecting customers in the name of providing quality services to them. Not only Scams include the false chain emails circulated to solicit for money and the countless websites purporting to provide some gain or others for instance scholarships or green cards, even a simple rip off from a business dealer could also fall in this category if widespread. These scams are not only online based but also in physically established businesses. The unscrupulous dealers take advantage of the lack of knowledge on the customer’s part to create nonexistent repairs, especially with computers and cars.

Computer repairs are the most affected by these scams. Usually after the customer has called to report a problem about the device, the dealer will create a false alarm by saying there are more broken parts which might need to be fixed. Naturally the customer being unaware, and led on by the fact that the dealer is a professional in the field will fall for this and allow these “repairs” to be done.

One good example is that of a customer who after consulting technicians at best buy about his computer, was told that the computer could be repaired at a cost of between 500 to 550 dollars failure to which the customer could lose all the data saved on his computer. A second consultation with another company discovered just a minor problem with the computer thereby saving him a lot of money. Customer complaints about computer repair scams are numerous considering the amount of money they are charged for simple repairs.

An interesting case study is where a cable connected to the CD player was simply loosened a little bit such that the working of the computer was minimally hampered. Fixing this error would only need to use your thumb to squeeze the cable back in. Next, three computer repair companies were consulted i.e. the geek squad, doctor geeks and techs on time. Before the consultation, the computer was checked for any other faults and was certified to have none. Apart from the loose cable the computer was in perfect order, however the three companies gave quite different prognoses as follows

· Best buy geek squad
It took around five hours to get a simple diagnosis which cost 59 dollars. Three days later one of the technicians asked for more money for further tests giving excuses about fixing the software and starting everything from scratch. The computer is taken back from the dealer but it didn’t even start up. The computer was then fixed and another repair company was called.
· Doctor geeks
To bleat about their profesionality they come with lab coats, stethoscopes and a grim prognosis. The technicians took the computer back to their lab and apart from the loose cable they claimed the computer had viruses. They charged almost 300 dollars for the repair, quite a huge amount considering the magnitude of the problem.
· Techs on time
They are more professional as they immediately detect the problem and proceed to fix it with a 10% discount.

Considering the above scenario it is very difficult to trust computer repair companies. It is noteworthy that neither of the companies is willing to accept their mistake even after being discovered.

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